Guidelines for Reviewers

Reviewers: Please follow the link sent to you by email. You may then view and/or download manuscripts assigned to you for review or submit your comments to the editor and the authors.

The editorial team of the International Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES) performs an initial in-house assessment of every submitted manuscript based on timeliness, the interest and importance of the topic, proper English, and relevance to the journal’s readership. If the article is found suitable, it is sent two expert reviewers form the editorial board and beyond. The reviewers are initially sent the abstract of the submitted manuscript through the IJAES online submission system seeking their approval review the related article. Once consent is secured, the reviewers are sent the submission and requested to observe a deadline of a month as a maximum to submit their online reports to the editor-in-chief. The reviewers are also required to disclose potential conflicts of interests, if any, that may affect the outcome of blind reviewing process.

The reviewers are provided with an online evaluation form requesting them to pass judgment on paper originality, method and data analysis, clarity of findings and discussion, referencing and documentation. The review report should also include general comments to the editor-in-chief and both general and specific anonymous comments to the author(s). If the two reviewers are in disagreement in their judgment on the suitability of the paper for publication, further peer reviewing may be ensued. Each online review report should conclude with a final recommendation for the paper submitted to IJAES, which can be one of following: (a) publish as is; (b) publish with minor revisions; (c) publish with major revisions; (d) revise and resubmit (for a second round of reviewing); (e) reject. The final decision regarding the suitability of the article for publication or otherwise resides with the journal editor-in-chief.