Volume 6, No. 1
January, 2005
Table of Contents


Abdulla Al-Dabbagh: Poetics of Exile and Identity: The Case of Modern Iraqi Poetry
Isam M. Shihada: A Feminist Perspective of Virginia Woolf’s Selected Novels Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse
Ghanim Samarrai: Hymn of the Rain: Assayyab’s Decolonizing Task
Mohamed S. Al-Seghayar: A Theme-Rheme Analysis of Exclamatives and Clause Typology in English and Arabic
Mohammed Farghal: Arabic Euphemism in English Translation
Yaser Al-Tamimi: A Multiple-Trace-Based Proposal for Linguistically Unconditioned Variability
Ahmed Abunowara: Sa- and Sawfa as Modal Forms New Evidence from Informant Testing
Anna Cieslicka: Activation and Suppression of Context-Relevant and Context-Irrelevant Senses in the Processing of Nonliteral Language by L2 Learners
Aimen Maghrabi: The Effects of Instruction on Acquiring Pronominal Copies’ Status
Nahla Nola Bacha: Academic Vocabulary: A Corpus Analysis Approach
Zena Abu Shakra: Exploratory Feedback and Student Interaction
Mohammed Albakry: Linguistic and Cultural Issues in Literary Translation A Case Study
Graeme Tennent: Globalisation and the Myth of Liberalisation
Jamal Giaber: The Increasing Role of Translation in Libyan Politics and Business Activities
Lewis Mukattash: The Interlanguage of Arab Learners of English (ILALE) A Preliminary Annotated Bibliography
Ali Shehadeh: Insights from the Common European Framework, by Keith Morrow (Editor). Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2004. 143 pages. ISBN: 0-19-430950-9
Dinha T. Gorgis: The Jordanian Novel 1980 – 1990: A Study and an Assessment by Fahd A. A. Salameh, Ministry of Culture, Amman, 2000.
: APETAU First Regional Forum (August 7th, 2004)
: APETAU 2004 Board of Management Annual Meeting