Volume 23, No. 1
January, 2023
Table of Contents


Faisal Lafee Alobeytha, Talal Abd Alhameed Alodwan: Ethnocentrism and Arab Women in Fadia Faqir’s The Cry of the Dove
Amani Alghamdi, Areej Albawardi, Nadya Alzuabi, and Luluah Alshaiji: Does Gender Matter? Motivation and Learning EFL: A Saudi Case Study
Andrew J. Power, Eman Ibrahim Albawab, and Dana W. Muwafi: Encountering the Foreign in Alice in Wonderland and its Arabic Translations
Yousef Hamdan and Duaa Salameh: Beyond Trauma: The Interplay between Memory, History, and Contemporaneity in Sinan Antoon’s Ya Maryam
Mohamed El-Nashar, Reham El Shazly, Yasmeen Attia: An Intersemiotic Analysis of the Arabic Dubbed Version of Disney’s Frozen Let it Go
Rabab Mizher and Dana Mahadin: From the Red Keep to Winterfell: Translating Toponyms in High Fantasy Literature from English into Arabic
Ahlam Ahmed Mohamed Othman: Plot in Flash Fiction: A Study of Irony in the Flashes in Lydia Davis’ Varieties of Disturbance (2007)
Tatyana A. Shiryaeva, Veronika V. Katermina, Elena A. Golubovskaya, Nataliia M. Mekeko: Axiology of Russia’s Image in Mass Media Discourse in Coronavirus Pandemic
Muayad Enwiya Jajo Al-Jamani, Nibras Jawad Kadhim: The Magic Lamp in American Fiction: An Archetypal Approach to Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut
Mohammed Nour Abu Guba, Shehdeh Fareh, Sane Yagi: Speech Rhythm in English and Arabic: A Contrastive Review
Mounir Al-Jilani Ben Zid: The Roots of Romantic Topoi: A Local Intercultural Encounter and a Glocal Transcultural Experience
Waleed Othman and Mohammad Alhailawani: Attention to Manner of Motion in Arabic Novels: A Diachronic Study
Ahmad Gholi: Counter-Orientalism in Ella Maillart’s The Cruel Way
Syarifudin Syarifudin: Online Collaborative Flipped Writing Classroom for EFL Writing Instruction in the New Normal Era: Students’ Perceptions
Heba Mohamed Abdelaziz and May Samir El-Falaky: A Hermeneutical and Semiotic Reading of Little Amal: A Walk through Brex-e-Lit
Mohammed A. Al-Malahmeh and Hamed A. Aljeradaat: An Alternative Semantic Analysis of the Particle ʃikil in Jordanian Arabic
Neval Nabil Mahmoud Abdullah: Coercive Biomedical Body Politics: Redefining Breast Cancer as a Gender-Marked Experience in the Case Study of Linda Park-Fuller’s ‘A Clean Breast of It.’
Ji Young Shim and Sarah Zahaf: The Language of Subtitles for Arabic-English Bilingual Speakers in the United Arab Emirates
Saif Raed Nafia Fakhrulddin, Ida Baizura Bahar, Zainor Izat Zainal, and Mohammad Ewan Awang: Unearthing the Social Oppression of Muslim Identity under American Imperialism in The Submission by Amy Waldman
Aladdin Assaiqeli, Mahendran Maniam, Mohammed Farrah, Ebru Morgul, Khalilah Ramli: Challenges of ELT during the New Normal: A Case Study of Malaysia, Turkey and Palestine