Volume 21, No. 1
January, 2021
Table of Contents


Aya Abdulraheem and Shehdeh Fareh: Weather-Related Metaphors in English and Arabic: A Contrastive Study
Musaab A. Raheem Al-Khazaali, Hussein Dhahi Muzhir, Hussam Rashid H. Jarullah: Influence of Socio-Cultural Aspects on the Production of Main Speech Acts in Mohammed Mahdi Al-Jawahiri's Poem 'O Sir! Inspire me
Hady J. Hamdan, Saleh Al-Salman: The Use of Arabic Neologisms in Social Media Applications
Mohammad N. Khreisat and Ahmad Ibrahim Mugableh: Autonomous Language Learning at Tertiary Education Level in Saudi Arabia: Students’ and Instructors’ Perceptions and Practices
Mohammed Al- Badawi and Ibrahim Al Najjar: Transitivity Analysis of BBC and CNN Political News’ Headlines about Christchurch Mosque Massacre in New Zealand: A Stylistic Perspective
Aladdin Assaiqeli: Palestine in Visual Representation: A Visual Semiotic Analysis of the Nakba
Nosaybah Walid Awajan,Mahmoud Flayeh Al-Shetawi: Empowering Muslims in Leila Aboulela’s Minaret and Mohja Kahf’s The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf
Hussein Zeidanin and Abdullah Shehabat: Revisiting the Concept of Freedom in George Orwell’s A Hanging and Shooting an Elephant: A Postcolonial Perspective
Raad Kareem Abd-Aun: Coyote in Geiogamah’s Coon Cons Coyote and Two-Rivers’ Coyote Sits in Judgment
Elham T. Hussein: Oppressed and Challenged but not Defeated: Families in Gaza Writes Back
Sabri S.Y. Alshboul, Sahail M. Asassfeh and Clifton Pye: A Multiple Default Domain: A Semantics- Based Account
Somia Ayaicha, Manimangai Mani, Hardev Kaur and Mohamed Ewan Bin Awang: The Process of Becoming Black in Noviolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names
Bassil Mashaqba, Anas Huneety, Nisreen Al-Khawaldeh and Baraah Thnaibat: Geminate Acquisition and Representation by Ammani Arabic-Speaking Children