Volume 20, No. 1
January, 2020
Table of Contents


Osama Omari and Aziz Jaber: Emphasis, Manner, and Voice in Urban Jordanian Arabic: Linguistic and Extralinguistic Interactions
Muteb Alqarni: The Morphosyntax of the Demonstrative System in Classical Arabic: A Distributed Morphology Account
Omar Ali Al-Smadi, Radzuwan Ab Rashid and Dheif Allah Hussain Altamimi: A Linguistic Ethnography of Teacher Talk in an English for Medical Purposes Classroom
Hadeel Alsaed and Abdulazeez Jaradat: Recursion of Phonological Phrase: Views from the Jordanian Arabic dialect of Irbid
Aya Akkawi and Rasha Maqableh: Robert Heinlein's Space Cadet and the Young Adult Reader: Understanding the Real World through Narrative Transportation Approach
Mohammed Farghal and Raneen Mansour: Translating Arabic Metaphorical Expressions into English: Mahfouz’s Morning and Evening Talk as an Example
Othman Ahmad Abualadas: Optional Shifts in Existential Presupposition in Two Arabic Translations of A Farewell to Arms: A Shift into a More Narratorial Involvement and an Approximated Reader
Nadiah Aleraini: Knowledge of English Focus Constructions by Saudi Learners of English: Usage-Based Approach
Musa Al-Mudhaffari, Supyan Hussin and Imran HoAbdullah: Interactional strategies in L2 writing: An exploration of Hedging and Boosting Strategies in Applied Linguistics research articles
Hanan Al-Jabri: Purification Strategy in the Arabic Translations of Diary of A Wimpy Kid
Mohammed Farrah and Nadia Halahlah: Pronunciation Problems among Palestinian English Major Students in Hebron University
Bader Dweik and Isra' Abdelkhaleq: Heritage Language and Cultural Preservation among the Nomadic Turkmen of Jordan: A Sociolinguistic Study
William R. Naugle: Book Review of Farghal’s Jordan’s Proverbs as a Window into Arab Popular Culture