Volume 18, No. 1
January, 2018
Table of Contents


Ahlam Masri, Tahrir Hamdi: Where is Palestine in Caryl Phillips’s The Nature of Blood?
Raya Kalaldeh: Acoustic Analysis of Modern Standard Arabic Vowels by Jordanian Speakers
Rasha Mohammad Saeed, Mostafa: Online Newspapers Portrayal of Arab Female Athletes in Rio 2016 Olympics: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis
Yousef Awad: Fiction in CONTEST with History? Faith, Resilience and the War on Terror in Aboulela’s The Kindness of Enemies
Soumia Bouddage, Mohamed Elfatihi: Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety among 2nd Year Baccalaureate Students in Morocco
Alaa Fathi Attia, Abdul-Fattah Abu-Ssaydeh: Some Aspects of the Syntax of the Arabic Legislative Sentence
Areej Allawzi: Ideological Encounters in the BBC Translation of Media Reports on the Conflict in Yemen
Noor F. Al-Yasin, Ghaleb A. Rabab'ah: Impoliteness Strategies in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’: A Gender-based Study
Majed Aladaylah : Negotiating Narrative in Transcultural Spaces by Leila Aboulela’s Minaret
Mahmoud Zidan, Sharif Alghazo, Emily Clymer: Native-Culturism in University of Jordan Students’ Cognitions about Literature
Murtadha J. Bakir: Agreement Asymmetries and Word Order in Iraqi Arabic
Soha El Samad: Meaningful Sense Perceptions: Existential and Transcendental Phenomenology in Jawdat Haydar’s Poems
Omar F. Atari: Book Review of Farghal and Al-Manna’s Contextualizing Translation Theories: Aspects of Arabic-English Inter-lingual Communication*
Mohammed Farghal: Book Review of Manning and Kendall’s Intelligence Arabic