Volume 17, No. 1
January, 2017
Table of Contents


Najib Ismail Jarad, Abdul-Fattah Abu-Ssaydeh: Idioms in the Arabic-English Dictionary
Inas Mohamed Younis: The Translation of the “Myth” of Crucifixion in Kamel Hussein’s Qaryah Zálima: A Relevance Approach
Mohammed Sani Abdullahi-Idiagbon, Ameen Akeem: Ideological Perspectives in Editorial: A Critical Study of Hallmark Editorial
Nashwa Abdelkader Elyamany: The Interrogation Scene in Harold Pinter's 'The Birthday Party': A Multi-Faceted Analysis of Pinteresque Dialogue Nashwa Abdelkader Elyamany
Mohammed H. Tamimi: Integrating Web 2.0 Technologies in Learning: Using Facebook Group and BYKI in English Language Courses
Neval Nabil Mahmoud Abdullah: Fragmented Psyches and Devastating Testimonies: Staging the Post- Traumatic Experience in Iraq through Heather Raffo's 'Nine Parts of Desire' and Judith Thompson's 'Palace of the End'
Mahmoud Ahmad Abdel-Fattah: Developing EAP Curriculum at University Setting: the Case of Birzeit
Abderrahman Zouhir: The Politics of Language and Identity in Lebanon and Morocco: Similarities and Differences*
Shyma Al-Shukri, Shehdeh Fareh: English ‘Green’ and its Arabic Equivalent ‘Akhḏar’: Similar or Different?
Iman El Sayed Raslan: Trauma and Resistance in Susan Abulhawa’s Mornings in Jenin
Charles Campbell: Reading the Veil of Imperial Discourse: Shakespeare and Arab- English Accounts of the Death of Diana
Ali Abdullah Mahmood: A Pragmalinguistic Basis of Humor in Some Iraqi Newspapers
Mohammed Farghal, Bushra Kalakh: English Focus Structures in Arabic Translation: A Case Study of Gibran's The Prophet