Volume 19, No. 2
June 2019

Table of Contents


Aseel Zibin and Jihad M. Hamdan: The Conceptualisation of FEAR through Conceptual Metonymy and Metaphor in Jordanian Arabic
Othman Abualadas: Person Deixis and Point of View in English-Arabic Fiction Translation: A Trend towards Repositioning the Narrator, Characters and Readers
Linda Alkhawaja: Network and Cooperation in the Field of Cultural Production: Naguib Mahfouz in Translation
Ogareet Yacoub Khoury: Translation Product: How is it Assessed by the Trainees, the Trainers and the Employers?
Murad Hassan Mohammed Sawalmeh: Rhetorical Structure and Sociocultural Analysis of Muslim and Christian Obituaries in Jordanian Newspapers
Abdul Fattah Abu Ssaydeh: Translating Intertextuality in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land
Mahmoud Zidan: Zionist Detection through Indirection in Jonathan Wilson’s A Palestine Affair
Zainab Alsuhaibani: The Relationship between Female EFL Students' Use of Reading Strategies and Their Reading Self-efficacy
Ala’Eddin Abdullah Ahmed Banikalef: The Impact of Culture and Gender on the Production of Online Speech Acts among Jordanian Facebook Users
Nisreen Yousef: Tariq Ali’s A Sultan in Palermo: Historical Fiction and the “War on Terror”
Faiza Mahfouf and Mahmoud F. Al-Shetawi: Oral Storytelling: Resistance and Freeing Voices from the Deep South in Ernest Gaines’s A Gathering of Old Men
Hanan Al-Jabri: Recreating Tone in Two Arabic Translations of Landay Poetry